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Путешествуй. Отдыхай. Наслаждайся.

Tour program


Departure from Kiev. Road to the Chernobyl Zone will take about 2 hours.


Arriving at the checkpoint «Dityatki» (the first checkpoint on the border 30 km exclusion zone). Checking passports and entry into the exclusion zone


The excursion begins with a visit to the office administration of the Chornobyl Zone. During a visit to administration officials talk about the tragedy of Chernobyl, the exclusion zone, the modern life of Chernobyl. On the way to Chernobyl will be several stops for photos. Bus enters a 10-kilometer exclusion zone through the checkpoint «Leliv.» After a detour around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will make a stop near the gate of the 4th unit at a special viewing platform overlooking the object «Sarcophagus».
Do not be left unattended and deserted ghost town of Pripyat. Here the tour program includes inspection of city buildings and structures that were abandoned after the accident, and the population evacuated. During the tour you will be able to make great pictures, make a video and hear the story of life in the city to the Chernobyl accident, about the evacuation, the city’s history and life to the present time.


Eco-friendly lunch in the dining room in the exclusion zone, which feed on the plant workers. This will plunge into the atmosphere of modern life of the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation. All products are tested and delivered from ecologically clean regions and does not radioactive.


After lunch, the group continues to sightseeing tour of Chernobyl and its attractions. Among them, of which St. Elias Temple, River Port, Park of Glory


End of tour. The bus leaves the town of Chernobyl and the Zone. Passage of radiation monitoring and check-out in Kiev.
Approximate arrival in Kiev about 19:00.

Price in USD per 1 person/in  group

1 250 $
2 140 $
3 115 $
4 100 $
5 90 $
6 82 $
7 86 $
8 82 $
9 78 $
10 77 $
11 73 $
12 71 $
13 70 $
14 68 $
15 67 $
16 65 $

The price includes:

-Excursions Comfortable bus

-Support Tour operator representative

— Insurance during the journey

-Support Licensed guide

-Signing Permission to visit Chernobyl

Additional charges:

— Lunch (optional) -10 USD / person

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